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I've been playing guitar for over 24 years now. I have a degree in Guitar Performance and Music Theory (Escuela de Música Contemporánea, 2008), but before that I studied with independent teachers like myself for several years. Along the way, I've learned to play different music genres and techniques on electric, acoustic, and nylon guitar that gave me the skills I needed not only to perform, but also to compose my own music. Besides guitar, I've always been interested in technology and musical gear, so I also got a degree in Sound Recording Techniques and Music Production (EMBA, 2001)



  • Other - Music Theory

  • eSCUELA DE MÚSICA CONTEMPORÁNEA (EMC), Argentina, Graduated 2008

  • Other - Sound Recording Technology

  • eSCUELA DE MÚSICA DE BUENOS AIRES (EMBA), Argentina, Graduated 2000

  • Other - Music Production

  • ESCUELA DE MÚSICA DE BUENOS AIRES, Argentina, Graduated 2001

  • Other - Guitar Performance

  • ESCUELA DE MÚSICA CONTEMPORÁNEA, Argentina, Graduated 2008


  • Acoustic guitar

Best For

  • Music theory

  • Improvisation

  • Melodic Development and Control/Rhythmic Accuracy

  • Exercises & supporting material

  • Blues, Rock, Pop, Funk 


  • 10+ years of experience in teaching. 

  • Highly diverse and highly educated professional guitar teacher

  • Top Rated Guitar teacher

  • teaches beginners, intermediate, and advanced players

  • uses a Home Studio Audio Interface and Multi-track software to deliver outstanding sound quality in every class.


Experience the Magic of Federico W.

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