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About Groovy Guitarist

Hey, fellow musicians! We're a team of two dedicated musicians and lifelong guitarists with a profound passion for music. Our musical journey has been an exciting yet challenging ride, especially for me as a self-taught guitarist, as I faced numerous challenges, getting lost in my compositions and feeling unsure about the next steps.


Should I explore a new riff, progress into a compelling bridge, or take an entirely different turn? The questions seemed endless, and the answers felt out of reach.

With Groovy Guitarist, we have a goal to help and motivate the online music community. We want you to welcome to a place where musicians can learn a lot about guitar playing, the latest music news, the best online free guitar lessons, entertainment blogs, and more.

Furthermore, this website is born out of a commitment to provide the help and guidance we wished we had during our musical journey. 

Get to Know Us!

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THALIA BELLAZECCA - Writer and Editor

Hi everybody! My name is Thalìa Bellazecca, I'm 23 years old and I'm a professional metal guitarist, online guitar teacher and content creator. I'm an italo cuban guitarist and music lover. I started working on this project with Filip since few months and I'm already so happy of the work we did so far and I'm even more excited about the future and how big this community can be. 

My Musical Background

I started playing when I was 8 in a private school for 10 years and it's since 6 years that I continue my professional studies. I started my live session career in 2018 and I already played tours as support for Dragonforce (with Frozen Crown) and for Feuerschwanz (with Angus McSix), plus big festivals as Wacken, Leyendas del Rock, Copenhell, Rockharz and Masters of Rock. I also started teaching guitar in a private school in 2021 and it's since 2023 that I'm teaching online on Fiverr or privately on Discord/Skype. I'm endorsed by ESP guitars, ENGL amps, Plick the Pick and Get'm Get'm straps.

I also play the piano since I was 10 and I followed few lessons of singing, drums and DJ during my teenager phase.

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FILIP DAJEVSKI - Writer and Editor

Hi and welcome to our website, I am Filip Dajevski, 27 years old and a self-taught guitarist, I started playing guitar since I was 14 years old. On my music journey, I am mostly focused on recording and mixing music. I also have a background in content writing and web design as a side hustle. With that, I came about with the idea of creating content on my own website.

My Musical Background

Inspired by all the famous hard rock and heavy metal bands, with it came the motivation for me to start playing guitar. Firstly, I started playing acoustic guitar, which was a Mexican brand that I already had at home. Within a few years, I got my first Electric Guitar, and very quickly after that my passion for recording music set in. I first started recording myself on my phone, all the guitar riffs I played seemed awesome. After a while I gathered enough money to invest in a recording gear, and came up with my own Band and Album called Accursed Day - Tales Of Silent Hope. I find myself proud with what I have done, even though my recording experience is far better now. Furthermore, I am excited to release a new album in the near future and concentrate on being creative with my music as well as this website.

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